Welcome to the Heathlands PTA Blog!

We have set up the blog with the aim to tell all parents about the work we get up to as a PTA raising vital funds for the school.

Amanda Ruiz, (Mum to Felix 4M and Nina 3H)  is the Blog creator and came up with the idea to develop the Blog after attending many PTA meetings and hearing each time that the PTA lacked volunteers.

Our goal is to make the PTA accessible and inclusive where parents and staff can become full time members or dip in and dip out as their time permits. Everyone has a skill that we could utilise, so why not step forward and let use know what that hidden skill or experience is – it may be organising, marketing, promotions, retail,  cake making, accountancy or generally enjoying getting stuck in!

We welcome comments, suggestions and contributions to the Blog and hope to create a fun community where everyone feels included. By taking part in PTA activities you will find that  you will make new friends as you take part in events and get to know parents other than those from your child’s/children’s’ classes.  How good is that?!


Below Amanda’s first experience of a PTA meeting:

Last week I attended my first ever PTA meeting and as I had put on my status in Facebook the evening of the meeting, I thought it would be something I would never do. Well actually I came back from the meeting full of enthusiasm for the valuable work the volunteers do and was very impressed indeed.


For starters the first people to put their case forward were two pupils from Year 6 who belong to The School Council. They were pitching to the PTA members their proposal to request funds from the PTA budget for lockers for years 5 and 6. It was almost like being in Junior Dragons Den as these two children fended off the questions from the parents very professionally and adeptly. Good luck to them on taking their project further and well done!


Following that impressive first appeal for funds came further requests and this was the very interesting part for me personally. I didn’t realise quite how important any funds raised by the PTA were, and that every penny that is raised is ploughed straight back to purchase essential sports and play equipment for the children or is used to contribute to art projects etc etc.


In addition, another thing I learnt was how much of a difference the Sainsbury’s vouchers make to the school. These are literally used to buy sports equipment and are eagerly anticipated as they are redeemed in November, however as certain items of the school sports equipment are in dire and urgent need of replacing right now, again, the funds from the PTA will come in very useful.


The parents all have their own skills that they put forward and are used such as accountancy, organisational skills, PR, fund-raising and general hands on willingness to volunteer their time at the various events.


So if you have a few spare moments and would like to put your name on the Heathlands PTA mailing list, please email: heathlandspta@hotmail.com or add your name and email address to the SIGN UP box on the right hand side of this page.



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