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FAQs for Parents

Compiled by Parents and the School Office

We have asked The School Office to answer the Frequently Asked Questions they have on a regular basis and we also asked The School Office some burning questions. Here are the answers, and if your question isn’t here, then let us know (via hello@heathlandsblog.co.uk) and we will get your FAQ answered and published to help out other parents.

Medical Questions

Q: My child has asthma, at what stage or rather what year does he have to bring in and self-administer his inhaler?
A: From Year 2 upwards the children are expected to bring in their own asthma equipment and self administer. If they are struggling to use the apparatus the teacher or School Office staff will help.

Q: My child has nits, I hear that I am to keep her off school until it has cleared, is that right?

A: Here at Heathlands, we are guided by the Essex County Council healthcare policy (please see here for more details: http://www.hpa.org.uk/webc/HPAwebFile/HPAweb_C/1194947344818) but in a nutshell, we prefer the child to be treated at home then they can come into school, so no exclusion from school is necessary.

Q: Does the school keep medications, such as cough mixture, Calpol and creams etc on the premises?

A: We don’t keep any medications at school such as cough mixture, Calpol or creams.

Q: Okay, what about antibiotics and any other course of drugs the GP has prescribed?

A: Where possible parents/carers should ask their GP to prescribe medication in dosages that do not require the medicine to be taken during the school day. There are instances where this is not possible and in these cases school staff are able to administer medication on your behalf if you are not able to come in at the required times. Please request a Medication Form from The School Office so you can fill out the instructions. As a general rule, medicines should never be kept in the child’s possession for self-administration. There are some exceptions such as Year 2s upwards being responsible for their inhalers as mentioned earlier.

Q: Sickness – my child was sick last night but is okay this morning, can she come into school today?
A: No, your child must be off school for 24 hours from the last bout of sickness. If your child is sick at school, we will call you to ask you to take your child home.

Q: I hear there is a no nuts policy, what more do I need to know?
A: That is correct. We have a strict NO NUTS policy – so please avoid giving your child Nutella sandwiches and any confectionary with nuts in their lunch boxes. If your child has an allergy, you will inform us of this when he/she joins the school and you fill out the medication form. In addition, if there is a food tasting, such as European Day of Languages and we try foods from around the world, we will send a letter home before explaining what we are doing and if there are any issues, then please contact us.

Non-medical questions

Q: I need to hand in a letter for my child’s teacher, do I drop it off at The School Office in the morning?
A: No, from EYFS, all correspondence is to go via the book bags. In EYFS, the staff check the book bags, but from Year 1 upwards please remind your child to hand in the letter which you have put into the book bag.

Q: I need to call the school after office hours, can I?
A: Yes, please do – we have an answer machine on 24/7, so it’s a great place to get in touch whenever you need to.


Q: How can we help our children in Years 5 and 6 to not forget their locker keys?

A: We strongly recommend that the locker key is attached to their school bag at all times, and in this way, the two (actually the three – child+key+school bag) will never part company.

Q: I hear there is an issue with cars and parking, what can we do to help this situation in the village?
A: Where and when possible, we request that you don’t drive to school. Please be considerate and mindful of safety – please do not park near the corners, the recommendation is to park 50 metres from the corners as these can be blind spots and small children cannot be seen. Please avoid parking on the zig zags outside the school driveway and be respectful to house owners that you don’t block their driveways. Please be considerate when gathering outside the school at drop off or pick up that

New Parents Coffee Morning!

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The PTA held a very successful ‘New Parents Coffee Morning’ in October.

We ate delicious cakes, drank tea & coffee and had a good old chat to other parents.

It was also a great opportunity to let everyone know valuable school information and just some of the excellent work our PTA does.

Oh and did I mention the homemade cakes!!!