Yesterday we were extremely honoured to welcome Cpl Louis Smit from 2 Para to our school to give a really inspiring talk to parents, teachers and children about how he has overcome adversity in losing his left leg when on tour in Afghanistan in 2011. The day before he had been in Buckingham Palace meeting Princess Anne as well as lots of celebrities such as actors from East Enders along with his injured colleagues.

Here is Cpl Smit at the start of his talk with the important title: Overcoming Adversity

Adversity means difficulties / hardship and with Cpl Smit bouncing up and down on his ‘robot leg’ as one of the children put it, we were all extremely impressed at what a turnaround he has undertaken since his life-changing injury.

Cpl Louis Smit

Waiting for everyone to get their places for the talk

The eager audience

Cpl Smit took off his prosthetic leg and passed it around for all the kids to touch and hold it






From his amazing black box of goodies, he pulled out his ski leg – an amazing mixture of old fashioned style with the leather part meeting the ultra modern lower part…


Throughout his talk he gave us bullet points that we will not forget…NEVER GIVE UP! He has some friends who have been so seriously injured in battle that they have pictures at their bedside of their loved ones to remind them of who each member of their family is. That was extremely poignant  to hear.


He told us that your ‘success is limited by your own imagination’ and that he had imagined when lying in his hospital bed that he would walk again and that he would even run again, and next year, he is running the London Marathon! So when you have a problem or a worry, imagine a positive outcome and you will reach it if you work hard enough and don’t give up.


Then he showed us his parachuting jumpsuit which has the logo of his charity: BLESMA The Limbeless Vererans, and yes, he still jumps out of planes!


After his super inspiring talk we took a group photo before he got mobbed signing autographs in the children’s reading diaries!







If you are inspired by Cpl Louis Smit, please click on this link to make a donation to his charity, BLESMA where his best friend, Bertie is raising essential funds for the injured veterans http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/Bertie_Beagal

Louis Smit


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In our first ever rollerdisco

we raised a fantastic


A very enjoyable evening

Was had by all.


View pictures of all the action

on our ‘Rollerdisco’ page.

RSBP Big Garden Bird Watch Jan 26-27

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Some Heathlands pupils are taking part in this weekend’s national RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and we’d like to get even more join the thousands of people across the country are helping the RSPB take note of the bird species that visit our gardens or local parks. You have to take a secret vantage point and take note for a full hour of each and every bird that visits your garden or park.

Go here for instructions on How To do it: http://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch/how.aspx 
And go here to print off the sheet to mark off each bird you have spotted: http://www.rspb.org.uk/Images/bgbw_sheet_2013_tcm9-325757.pdf
On the sheet you will see lots of birds, but one that we see regularly in West Bergholt is the Green woodpecker, and he is not on the list, so be sure to add any other birds you see that aren’t on the list!
Once you have completed the sheet after your hour, go back to the website and upload your results on the online form.
Have fun and we can’t wait to hear the results!

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 What an amazing response to our Anything is Possible artwork competition and here are our winners!

1st Prize – 3 House Points

2nd Prize – 2 House Points

3rd Prize – 1 House Point

20 x Runners Up Prize


1st Prize Infants - Grace Williams - RBS - Daniell House


2nd Prize Infants - Felix Ruiz - 2LS - Firmins House


3rd Prize Infants - Matilda Purvis - 2K - Argent House


1st Prize Juniors - Imogen Parks - 5CC - Firmins House


2nd Prize Juniors - Shannon Quinn - 3M - Firmins House


3rd Prize Juniors - Isabella Chenery - 3M - Daniell House


Alana Coyle - 3M - Mumford House


Alyssa Windmill - RBS - Daniell House


Ben Lemmon - 2LS - Mumford House


Daisy - 3M - Orpen House


Daniel Mayhew - 2LS - Daniell House


Elanor White - 2LS - Argent House


Eleri Gold - 4AB - Sackville House


Faye Sandes - RBS - Mumford House


Flo - 3M


Henry McLean - 1W - Argent House


James Murphy - RBS - Argent House


Logan Badhasha - 6NS - Orpen House


Lucy L - 1W - Argent House


Ollie Birchall - RBS - Sackville House


Ollie Lyon - 4MB - Argent House


Ollie Murphy - 1W - Argent House


Sioned Gold - 1A - Sackville House


William Saunders - 3M - Mumford House


William Weir - RBS - Firmins House