We LOVE maths!

November 8th, 2011 | Posted by Jenna in The invaluable funds - (0 Comments)

Mrs Knight and Miss Smith are the newly appointed Maths Co-ordinators at the school and recently made an appeal for funding from the PTA to increase the numeracy resources.

As Mrs Knight made the pitch at the PTA meeting it was clear that she is extremely passionate about this very important subject. Amongst the people in the meeting were some of us who had attended the fantastic course that the school put on for parents last year, ‘Keeping Up with the Children’s Numeracy’ with Judith Fantousi, where we had had first hand experience of using the equipment, so when it was time to vote, there were yeses all round as we could all see the benefits of having visual and tactile props to help numeracy skills.

Here is Mrs Knight with the Compare Bears!

A total of £1000 was granted to the Maths Department and this was money extremely well spent as it enabled them to buy as well as our friends the Compare Bears: Sum Things (bead counters for learning number bonds), MultiLink, 3D shapes, Dice (for every class), money that looks like REAL money as opposed to play money so the children can learn probability using heads and tails, Geo Strip to learn about shapes.

Unpacking the new equipment! An exciting moment!

Such a worthwhile investment, well done!

Here is Mrs Smith and Mrs Knight with some pupils holding the new equipment!

Time for Maths!

Compare Bears combine the timeless appeal of teddy bears with the attributes of colour, size and weight. The bears can be used to learn about counting, matching, sorting, designing and making, investigation and predictions.

Weigh me, count me, sort me!


Keep checking back to see the new equipment that the funds have contributed towards. We can’t wait to see what the Fireworks will buy this year! Last year it was 16 new laptops as well as 15 digital cameras to name a few purchases. Thanks to everyone who buys popcorn, toys and drinks at the events!! You could have paid towards a Compare Bear or a laptop trolley!