We need YOU!

We have been inspired to create this Blog in order to raise the awareness of the PTA. We have many helpers who dip in and out or who are full time signed up members, and we would love to welcome many, many more people to come to meetings and to volunteer.

Coming along to the PTA meetings has lots of benefits:

  • You get involved in the next events
  • You can offer your expertise, such as accountancy/organisational/practical/PR/marketing/entrepreneurial skills or just plain and simple¬†general-all-round-hands-on skills! ¬†We need them all, and more!
  • You hear what the funds raised from events contribute towards in the school.
  • You get to vote when people make proposals for fund allocation
  • And a personal favourite, is that you get to meet parents/teachers from other school years from your own child(ren)
So don’t be shy, come along to the meetings, they can be quite a laugh and we welcome new ideas and new faces!!

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